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We use psychology-infused research and experience design techniques that uncover latent customer needs and validate design solutions. We get how your customers think down to the level of visual attention, language syntax and semantics, emotional and decision-making influences. BizCare provides a custom blend of research techniques to best serve your needs. From qualitative to quantitative; immediate to longitudinal. We employ our expertise in psychology and user experience for deep insight analysis to understand the ‘Why’ of human behavior and craft the right experience for your audience.


A stellar design mentality is what differentiates us. At BizCare, we truly believe that a successful application not only has a rich feature set, but also has clear usability and appealing aesthetics. We have vast experience with user interface design and our streamlined iterative process allows us to build thorough, functional, intuitive, sophisticated, and highly usable interfaces for multiple end-user applications. We pride ourselves on our ability to think creatively and find solutions for each and every product. Our process is custom-tailored to our clients’ needs and we give careful thought to the interfaces we create. The highly collaborative environment at BizCare gives us the advantage of being able to work efficiently and effectively to create experiences that keep users engaged.


Creative design and development of mobile app for every business can generate extremely good results, brand loyalty and dependable user retention. BizCare work closely with our clients to create user friendly yet smartly functional apps. We has extensive experience in developing mobile applications on Android, Apple iPhone and iPad and Windows Phone. In addition, we provide cross-platform application porting of apps, gamification, mobile website development, and building HTML5-based applications.


Because great design starts by understanding your problems, we begin by asking questions. We work to understand your self-image, goals, audience, competition, project parameters and desired outcomes. We research your intended audiences, and meticulously study the competition. We define the problems and develop strategies for solving them effectively and memorably. Our strategy sessions consist of various collaborative techniques including mood boards, sticky-note storyboarding, wireframes and concept sketches.


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